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Famous People related to Cortona

Discover who made the city's history!

Cortona is also known thanks to some important characters who were born or lived in this beautiful location.

Modern characters


Jovanotti, Lorenzo Cherubini’s art name was born in Rome. His family is Tuscan, originally from Cortona. During his childhood, Lorenzo often went back to that town, and now he lives there so long as he has been given citizenship.

On September 6, 2008 he married Cortona, in the Church of Santa Maria Nuova, the companion Francesca Valiani with whom she has been living for several years. The two have a daughter, Teresa, born December 13, 1999, to which the songwriter dedicated the song For You.
Jovanotti has lived in Cortona since we were young. It was mainly in summer seasons, leaving behind the chaos and the aphasia of the capital. Cortona for Lorenzo has a key role in her life. It is the place where he spent part of his infancy, forged experiences and solid friendships.

Currently Lorenzo spends part of the year at Cortona in his villa hidden among the ancient Etruscan walls. It is not difficult to cross it in the streets of the carefree country while welcoming your compatriots and friends. It is because in Cortona we all know … maybe crossroads Lorenzo in motion, or bicycling for his sports time, during the tests with his band in preparation for disks or tournaments can meet them at the bar “La Saletta” or to the renowned restaurant “L’Osteria del Teatro”, rarely instead can be admired to perform in Cortona …

In any case Cortona for Lorenzo is much more than a home to enjoy her family and intimacy, it also becomes a strength for her artistic regeneration, it is the place to reflect, recover her energies and put together new ideas fishing around the world.

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Under the sun of Tuscany is the autobiographical book by the writer, US poet Frances Mayes.

The novel deals with the author’s decision to buy an old abandoned rural villa near Cortona by the name Bramasole. From here begins its adventures and the discovery and description of the hidden world and landscapes of the Tuscan countryside.

The 2003 film Under the Sun of Tuscany, directed by Audrey Wells, is based on Mayes’ novel and is shot almost entirely in Cortona.

Celebrities from the past



He was an Italian painter who was able to combine science and art, constructive rigor and inventive imagination, reaching the most complete expression of happiness when, between 1910 and 1915, he incorporated the dynamic values of futurism on the constructive Cubist values.



Renaissance naturalist painter, born in Cortona between 1445 and 1450. His artistic training is influenced by the Florentine artists of the time, especially by Piero della Francesca, of whom he was a pupil.



Pietro da Cortona, born as Pietro Berrettini, was an Italian painter and architect. Peter was an artist of the first Baroque; we find his work especially in the field of decorative fresco and painting.